Full-Custom Garage Doors

Our full-custom wood doors are specifically designed and handcrafted to create an authentic feel that will compliment all styles of architecture. Built with exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, every door is made to your specifications and can be constructed with nearly any species of wood that is desired such as Mahogany, Western Red Cedar, IPE, Walnut and many more. 18 standard options available in paint grade or stain grade made up of 4 to 5 layers which hides the rail construction leaving a genuine carriage house impression. Each design can be customized to add the “it factor” to the homes appeal.  

Elegant Guarantee

At Elegant we provide quality craftsmanship that will last for years to come.

Choose Your Door:

Choose Your Door:
Window & Panel Styles
  • 1/8” Clear Double Strength Billet Glass
  • Many other types of glass are available including insulated options ·
  • 2” Wide Mullions  
  • Faux Divide is standard 
  • True Divide (Thru and Thru) available


4 Layer Door

Paint Grade (primed white)

  • Back (layer 1): ¼” Luan
  • Frame (layer 2): 1-3/8” FJ (Finger Joint) Hem Fir (Stiles every 24”)
  • Insulation: 1-3/8” Polystyrene
  • Face (layer 3): 3/8” Baltic Birch Ply
  • Trim (layer 4): ½” Extira MDF

Stain Grade (unfinished)

  • Back (layer 1): ¼” Luan
  • Frame (layer 2): 1-3/8” FJ (Finger Joint) Hem Fir (Stiles every 24”)
  • Insulation: 1-3/8” Polystyrene
  • Face (layer 3): 3/8” Aquatek Marine Ply
  • Trim (layer 4): 11/16” Clear Superior Alder

5 Layer Door

Stain/Paint Grade Tongue & Groove (unfinished) - Primed White

  • Back (layer 1): ¼” Luan
  • Frame (layer 2): 1-3/8” FJ (Finger Joint) Hem Fir (Stiles every 24”)
  • Insulation: 1-3/8” Polystyrene
  • Face (layer 3): ¼” Luan
  • Face (layer 4): Materials Vary (See Options Below)
  • Trim (layer 5): Materials Vary (See Options Below)

Tongue and Groove Material Options

African Mahogany, Honduras Mahogany, Alder, Knotty Alder, Clear Western Red Cedar Vertical Grain, STK Cedar, Soft Maple, Hard Maple, Hemlock, IPE, Redwood, Red Birch, White Birch, Red Oak, White Oak, Teak, Walnut and many other options...


  • Paint Grade: Comes primed white with 1 coat of exterior grade water based primer
  • Stain Grade: Comes unfinished and requires sanding prior to finishing. (Finishing is required to be completed within 72 hours of installation)


  • All 2" tracks are 12" or 15" Radius
  • 14 gauge horizontals with 17 gauge verticals
  • All tracks are mounted with reverse continuous jamb angle
  • Horizontals are reinforced with 13 gauge angle mounted continuous to the length of the horizontal.
  • All 3" tracks are 15" Radius - 12 gauge and use is determined by weight of door.
  • Options: Low Headroom (0" or 3.5" ), High Lift, Vertical Lift, Follow the Pitch


  • All components are galvanized steel and consist of 11 gauge hinges, 12 gauge top & bottom fixtures.
  • 2" nylon 10 ball bearing rollers with long-stem for top & bottom fixtures and short-stem for hinges.
  • Inside lock included.
  •   *Please Note: 3" steel 10 ball bearing rollers will be used when specified.


  • Springs are oil tempered and calibrated per door weight, size and track requirements
  • Standard springs are 10,000 cycle
  • 25k, 50k, 100k cycle springs are available with an additional cost
  • 12 guage bearing & spring plates
  • 16 gauge torsion tube is standard, 14 gauge, 11 gauge and solid shafts are available and used when specified


  • 22GA 2-1/4" galvanized steel struts with every door
  • 3" when specified
  • Quantity is determined by number of sections

Weather Seal

  • 1-3/8" EPDM bottom seal and nailed in using galvanized nails


  • Putty: All doors are assembled with galvanized staples and filled with putty except Cedar and Marine Ply.
  • Standard Texture is smooth.
  • Hand Hewn, Re Sawn, and Wire Brushing are available for additional cost.
  • Perimeter Weather Strip (Stop Mold): 11/16”x2-1/4”.
  •  *Available in all species of wood.


Limited 1 year warranty against defect in workmanship or material; limited 1 year warranty on hardware and components.

Manuals and Specifications

Wood Door Finishing Guidelines
Wood Door Finishing Guidelines
Wood Door Warranty
Wood Door Warranty
Full Custom Door Styles
Full Custom Door Styles
Window and Panel Styles
Window and Panel Styles
Full Custom Specs
Full Custom Specs
Full Custom 4 Layer Door Specs
Full Custom 4 Layer Door Specs
Full Custom 5 Layer Door Specs
Full Custom 5 Layer Door Specs